Wholesale Kratom

Interested in purchasing bulk kratom? Use the contact form below to get in touch with us and learn more about the options we have available. Enhance your inventory with premium, all-natural kratom available at an excellent price, and give your customers the best.

Why Partner With Royal Kratom?

Our bulk kratom is 100% natural and sourced from the finest leaves in Southeast Asia. Every batch is thoroughly tested by independent labs, and our selection is unrivaled. We follow strict GMP standards when manufacturing our kratom, so you’re getting a product that far exceeds industry norms and expectations—without paying extra. In addition, our friendly and reliable customer service team is here to assist you every step of the way as you buy kratom online for commercial sale.

Wholesale Kratom FAQs

Is it legal for me to sell kratom?

Legality shouldn’t be a problem for the vast majority of vendors interested in bulk kratom. Kratom is currently illegal in Wisconsin, Rhode Island, Alabama, Vermont, Arkansas, and Indiana, as well as in a few cities and counties nationwide. For everyone else, it’s legal to sell kratom as long as you have the appropriate business licenses and follow all of your state’s regulatory procedures (where applicable).

Is it illegal for me to sell kratom to minors?

There are no federal laws regarding the sale of kratom to minors. However, it’s typically illegal to sell kratom to minors in states where kratom is regulated—such as Oregon, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. The specific law varies by state, though. Some states set the minimum age at 18, others at 21. So be sure to research the specific kratom regulations in your state.

Do I need to register with the state as a kratom seller?

A small number of states do require manufacturers and vendors to register with the state. For example, if you sell kratom in Utah, you have to register with the Department of Agriculture. If you sell kratom in Oregon, you have to register with the Department of Revenue. Most states don’t have this type of requirement, though. Make sure to research the laws where you plan to sell kratom.

Can I buy wholesale kratom for personal use?

Our wholesale partnerships are generally reserved for businesses and commercial operations, as our bulk kratom offerings are generally much larger than any one person would need. However, contact us to tell us about your needs, and our friendly customer service team can assess your situation and determine the best deal for you.