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Is Kratom Legal in Nevada? Here’s the Scoop

Nevada, named for the Sierra Nevada mountain range, is a beautiful state known for its stunning scenery, silver mining, gambling, and of course, Las Vegas. Las Vegas itself famously boasts over 150,000 hotel rooms, which is more than anywhere else in the world. Whether you’re a Nevada local or staying in one of those Sin City hotel rooms, you may be wondering if you can find kratom in Nevada. Maybe you’d even like to try our strong Gold Kratom Capsules in the state that is one of the world’s leading producers of gold. But first you have to know, is kratom legal in Nevada?

 Image of a Las Vegas intersection at sunset.

Given the diversity of kratom laws and regulations throughout the United States, understanding where exactly you can legally enjoy your favorite wellness supplement is important before buying kratom online. Kratom is legal throughout most of the United States, with some notable exceptions and some differences in regulations. Kratom is completely illegal in Wisconsin, Indiana, Arkansas, and Alabama. Additionally, it’s important to note that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate kratom yet. Continue reading to learn the status of Nevada kratom before exploring our wide collection of kratom powders for sale.

Is Kratom Legal in Nevada?

Yes! You can enjoy your favorite kratom products in Nevada. If you’re thinking of taking advantage of the awe-inspiring hiking and other outdoorsy opportunities in the state, our kratom capsules for sale are mess-free and easy to bring on the go. Royal Kratom ships free on the same day you place your order, so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy. Before we get too ahead of ourselves, there’s still more to know about the legal status of Nevada kratom.

Many states have passed legislation called the “Kratom Consumer Protection Act,” or KCPA. Kratom is legal in Nevada, but it is also regulated by the KCPA. The KCPA was created by the American Kratom Association to protect the legality of kratom while also protecting consumers from adulterated or otherwise unsafe products. The KCPA, or legislation akin to the KCPA, has been passed in at least eleven states now, including Nevada. Nevada passed the KCPA in June of 2019.

Notable Rules of the Nevada KCPA

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As with many popular products, there will always be unscrupulous vendors who try to take advantage of people by selling falsely advertised goods. This false advertising of kratom is a primary reason why, “Is kratom legal in Nevada?” is a question in the first place. Most instances of questioning kratom’s legal status stem from misinformation about the Mitragyna speciosa leaves and a lack of knowledge as to what kratom really is. 

The Nevada Kratom Consumer Protection Act directly addresses this issue, specifically stating that “kratom product” refers to any part of the leaf of the Mitragyna speciosa plant containing the alkaloids mitragynine or 7-hydroxymitragynine as well as synthetic material containing those same two alkaloids. Additionally, the text of the bill ensures that all kratom products sold are marked with a clear label detailing the ingredients as well as directions for use. With an accurate label, kratom is legal in Nevada for anyone who is at least eighteen years old.

However, we still recommend avoiding synthetic kratom products. At Royal Kratom, enjoy an authentic kratom experience with our all-natural kratom powders, capsules, and extracts that follow GMP standards and are lab-tested for purity and consistency. As a result, our kratom products align with another regulation stated in the KCPA: vendors cannot knowingly prepare, distribute, advertise, or sell any adulterated kratom products. So, when someone asks, “Is kratom legal in Nevada?” the answer is yes, but not when adulterated with other potentially harmful substances.

Ultimately, the KCPA is a good thing—it ensures that untrustworthy vendors cannot sell adulterated kratom, that all kratom products must be appropriately labeled, and that children under the age of 18 are not allowed to buy kratom. These safety measures protect you, the customer, from falsely advertised kratom in Nevada. However, not all kratom vendors are created equal, even if they all follow in line with these regulations. Reputable online retailers that specialize in kratom are always a safer choice than kratom products you find in shops like gas stations.

Is Kratom Staying Legal in Nevada?

With kratom, new laws and regulations are often being proposed to change its legal status. So, can we count on kratom’s current legal status in Nevada to stay the same in the future? In March of 2022, the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy wanted to take steps that would make kratom illegal, beginning with a public hearing. However, they called off that public hearing a few weeks later because kratom’s advocates, including the American Kratom Association, defended the legal status of the plant. 

For a year, there were no more threats to kratom’s legal status. However, again in March of 2023, lawmakers brought up the question, “Is kratom legal in Nevada?” They proposed a bill that would once again ban kratom, but in June of 2023, the governor vetoed the passing of this bill. Thankfully, there are enough advocates for kratom in the Silver State to push against any proposed legislation to ban Mitragyna speciosa.

Where Can I Buy Nevada Kratom?

You can find kratom products in tobacco and vape shops as well as some gas stations. However, as mentioned earlier, this is not the best method to shop for kratom. Buy online from a specialized vendor like Royal Kratom for pure, all-natural kratom. Now you know kratom is legal in Nevada, give kratom a try with our 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Order kratom online today.