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Is Kratom Legal in New York? What You Need to Know

Many people in the United States don’t understand what kratom is and is not. This confusion leads to differing kratom laws in New York than in other states. When shopping for kratom online, it’s important to do your research on where the wellness herb is legal. At Royal Kratom, our experts keep careful track of kratom laws in the United States to ensure compliance.

The state of New York is full of adventure, from the bustling lifestyle of those in New York City to the wonders of nature such as Niagara Falls. Is kratom legal in New York? Whether you’d love to relax by the Finger Lakes or get energized before exploring the New York City streets, the Empire State is a great place to try kratom. Thankfully, you can! 

That being said, the legal landscape of kratom is constantly changing. It’s important to understand exactly what the situation in your state and city is before you buy kratom online. Plus, more and more states are enacting the Kratom Consumer Protection Act or other similar regulations. It’s necessary to understand what that means to understand if kratom is legal in New York. 

What Is Kratom?

Before diving into kratom laws in New York, it’s helpful to first understand what kratom is. Kratom powder is harvested from the leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree. It is an all-natural plant product with unique qualities from alkaloids. Alkaloids are distinct, organic compounds found in a number of plant products you’ll find in your home, from your cup of coffee to the tomatoes in your salad. 

Many lawmakers do not understand what kratom alkaloids are, and will sometimes confuse them for other compounds found in both organic and inorganic substances. This leads to questions about kratom laws in New York, such as “Is kratom legal in New York and other states?” For example, sometimes kratom is confused with CBD products by legislators. Kratom and CBD are not the same. CBD is a chemical found in the hemp plant, and this has nothing to do with kratom alkaloids. Kratom is in a category of its own, complete with a rich history of centuries of popularity—especially in Southeast Asia where it is native.

Kratom’s rise in popularity within the United States is much more recent. With its initial boost of popularity beginning in the 1990s, kratom interest has recently surged even higher in the last fifteen years. Kratom is legal in New York and most other states, but questions regarding its legal status stem from a lack of understanding about what the herbal supplement is. In fact, there have even been attempts to ban kratom in New York due to the confusion about the plant.

Kratom Laws in New York


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As of 2024, kratom is legal in New York at the state level without regulation or restriction. While this may seem like a good thing, laws such as the Kratom Consumer Protection Act that have passed in quite a few states are actually beneficial for kratom customers and honest vendors alike. Organizations like the American Kratom Association have been working with the governments of all fifty states to ensure the right regulations are passed to keep kratom safe and pure. The Kratom Consumer Protection Act would prohibit the sale of kratom to those under the age of 21 and place rules on the packaging of kratom products to ensure accurate labels.

Regulations are vital to keeping your favorite products, like Maeng Da kratom, safe. If you hear about New York lawmakers drafting legislation to pass the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, this is no cause for concern when wondering if kratom is legal in New York. Every product from Royal Kratom already goes above and beyond the minimum safety requirements established by the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Some counties in New York already have certain restrictions in place, separate from state legislation (or the lack thereof). For example, Suffolk County, NY has passed an age restriction on the sale and possession of kratom: you must be at least 21 years of age or older in this county.

Kratom laws in New York can always change. In addition to the potential passage of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, there have been attempts to ban kratom completely in the state of New York. So far, kratom is legal in New York because none of the bills that would outright prohibit kratom have found any success. The bills that are currently in consideration relate to the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, such as Bill 2021-A294 that would restrict the sale and possession of kratom for those under the age of 21. And the recently introduced Bill 2023-S488, which hopes to bring the KCPA to New york.

Buy Kratom in New York

Understanding the local regulations is vital in making smart kratom shopping decisions. While you can find kratom for sale in smoke shops and gas stations in New York, these aren’t the best places to buy kratom. Especially given New York’s lack of regulation regarding kratom products and labels, you really don’t know what you’re getting with these off the shelf products. Asking, “Is kratom legal in New York?” or any other state is an important question for this reason.

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