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Is Kratom Legal in Washington State?

With half the state covered in forests and the Olympic Mountains, Washington is filled with natural beauty. Within its cities are iconic sites such as the Space Needle and Puget Sound. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their favorite strains of kratom powder while taking in the evergreen aesthetic of Washington? Understanding kratom laws in Washington state is the right first step before buying kratom online. Unfortunately, navigating kratom legality in the United States is no easy feat. There are no federal laws regarding kratom, so legality varies on the state, county, and sometimes even city level. 

If you’re hoping to enjoy some Maeng Da kratom in Washington, you’ll want to explore the question, “Is kratom legal in Washington state?” for two big reasons. First, you want to make sure you’re not breaking any state or local laws! Second, you’ll want to know the safety and trustworthiness of the kratom products available in your area. For example, in a state where there are no regulations surrounding the sale or manufacture of kratom, you can’t be sure that the products are pure or lab-tested. Thankfully, when you buy kratom online from a reputable vendor, you won’t have to worry about this part. Let’s take a closer look at the kratom laws in Washington state.

Why are kratom laws inconsistent?

It’s important to understand why there’s so much confusion around kratom legality in the United States before answering, “Is kratom legal in Washington state?” In most states, like New York, kratom is legal with no regulations. Some states have outright banned kratom. In states such as California, kratom is legal with some exceptions. At least eleven states and counting, including Oregon and Nevada, have passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). The KCPA is supported by the American Kratom Association (AKA) and puts safety measures into place to protect kratom’s legal status as well as kratom customers.

This variation in regulations for kratom in Washington and other states stems from a lack of understanding as to what kratom really is. Many people who are in charge of deciding whether or not kratom is legal in Washington state do not actually know that kratom is a member of the same family as coffee trees. Instead, they confuse kratom for other substances– many of which aren’t even naturally occurring. As a result, the AKA– a non-profit organization– focuses many of their efforts on education. They believe that all Americans should understand the truth about kratom, including consumers, legislators, and vendors.

Kratom laws in Washington state

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Now that you understand the legal landscape of kratom in the United States, the situation in Washington will make more sense. So, is kratom legal in Washington state? As of right now, yes! Kratom in Washington is completely legal with no regulations as of now. Unfortunately, with the ever-changing legal climate for kratom, there’s no guarantee that kratom will remain legal in Washington. Currently, there is no law that protects the sale or use of kratom– instead, there is just no ban put in place. However, there is one bill gaining some traction in Washington legislatures. Proposed in 2022, this would be Washington’s version of the KCPA. This would protect the legal use and sale of kratom in the state in addition to making kratom safer.

So, while kratom is legal in Washington state, it is not yet regulated. The proposed Washington KCPA bill would enact kratom laws in Washington. If this bill passes, it would be illegal for kratom processors to prepare, sell, or distribute adulterated kratom products. Additionally, kratom products that are contaminated with poisonous or harmful non-kratom substances would be prohibited as well. Other kratom products that would be illegal to prepare, sell, or distribute include kratom extracts with high levels of residual solvents, kratom products with levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine greater than two percent of the overall alkaloid profile, kratom products made with synthetic alkaloids or other compounds of the kratom plant, and kratom products without clear labeling directions.

Kratom is still legal in Washington state under the rules of this bill. While it may seem like a long list of limitations, high-quality, pure kratom has no issue passing these kratom Washington regulations. Adulterated kratom can be dangerous because of the other substances tainting the product. Plus, as a plant product, there are issues like mold, bacteria, and high content of heavy metals that can naturally occur. If kratom doesn’t undergo thorough lab testing, these issues can sneak their way into the final product. Because this bill isn’t in effect in Washington yet, it’s extra important to do your research to shop for kratom from reputable vendors who already lab test their kratom products for contaminants.

While, again, kratom is legal in Washington state under this proposed bill, it would no longer be legal for those under twenty-one years of age. Additionally, there will be consequences for those who break these kratom laws in Washington state. Violations of these regulations would lead to an administrative fine that increases for subsequent offenses. The Washington KCPA would also leave it up to the Department of Health to adopt new rules establishing testing standards, rules for accurate labeling of products, and any other guidelines that would follow in line with the kratom Washington regulations.

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