Aerial image of islands in Indonesia, where Indo kratom is grown.

What Is Indo Kratom?

Are you interested in trying a new strain of kratom and want some more information? Or, maybe you’re brand new to the kratom world and are wondering what Indo kratom is before your first order. Either way, the industry experts at Royal Kratom have your back with all the information you need on our most popular kratom strains. As one of the oldest strains of kratom, Indo kratom’s effects have been spoken about for centuries. It originates from Indonesia, a region known for nutrient-rich, volcanic soil that is perfect for the cultivation of kratom.

Cultivating Indo Kratom

What is Indo kratom? First, we have to understand what kratom strains are. When people think about the different types of kratom, often they think of the kratom vein colors. These classifications, such as red, green, and white, refer to the color of the veins on the kratom leaves before they are harvested. As the tree matures, the veins change color and the alkaloid profiles change, too. For example, when the kratom is fully mature, the veins are red and high in mitragynine. Kratom strains can come in any color, as these are two separate methods of categorizing kratom. So what is Indo kratom? We’ll focus more on the traits of the strain and not the vein color.

Kratom strains are most often named for the region in which they were initially grown. It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that strain is still cultivated in that particular region today. Different environmental factors, such as the richness of the soil, climate, and proximity to water, affect the alkaloid profile of kratom leaves. Indo kratom was initially grown in Indonesia under specific environmental factors unique to the region, but if those factors are mimicked somewhere else, the strain would still have Indo kratom’s effects and therefore be referred to as Indo kratom. 

That being said, the question of what Indo kratom is, can be tricky since most kratom is cultivated in Indonesia today. Strains such as Maeng Da kratom and Thai kratom originated in Thailand are now grown in Indonesia due to Thailand’s history of laws banning the cultivation of kratom. Those laws have recently been reversed, but most kratom farms are still based in Indonesia. However, with innovative farming techniques, Royal Kratom’s strains are all true to their history. Indo kratom, though, is incredibly pure and robust due to it being grown in the same region where it was first harvested centuries ago—primarily on the island of Sumatra.

Shop a Strain Rich with History

Image of Indonesian island from overhead

What is Indo kratom, and what makes it special? Indo kratom is hailed by many as the purest strain available. Its properties are beloved by kratom newbies and connoisseurs alike. At Royal Kratom, you can enjoy our authentic Indo strains in a couple of ways. For a more traditional kratom experience, shop our Indo Kratom Powder. Or, if you’re looking to avoid a mess and take your kratom on the go, you may prefer our Indo Kratom Capsules

Explore Indo Kratom’s Effects

Indo kratom is what many kratom lovers describe as perfectly well-rounded. Indo is not the strongest kratom, which makes it ideal for those new to this all-natural supplement. However, even those who purchase kratom on a consistent basis keep adding Indo kratom to their cart. With powder ethically sourced directly from sustainable farms in the lush forests of Indonesia, our Indo kratom possesses a distinct earthy aroma. We categorize our Indo kratom as a type of white vein kratom. Many customers who purchase our Indonesian strain report they’re seeking a boost to their mood as well as improved focus and stamina.

Are you getting tired of coffee? Indo kratom is what quite a few kratom users choose as a coffee alternative. Often described by our customers as having energizing properties, this beloved strain is best experienced in the morning. Indo boasts a robust alkaloid profile that hits all the right notes without overpowering your senses. This popular strain of kratom will not disappoint you—it will surpass your expectations. There are some offshoots of Indo kratom, such as Bali kratom, that are also grown in Indonesia but have more specific properties related to the environment they need to grow.

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Not all Indo kratom is what you expect. To get the right Indo kratom effects safely, it’s vital to shop from reputable, specialized kratom vendors to make sure you are getting a pure product that has undergone third-party lab testing. If you’re totally new to kratom, we recommend taking a look at our buyer’s guide to help you navigate your options like a pro. When you’re ready to place your order, make sure you’ve signed up for our rewards program to start earning points and savings. For more information on all things kratom, explore our kratom blog.

At Royal Kratom, we have a diverse collection of kratom strains for you to explore. Just like we explained what Indo kratom is, we hope to teach anybody curious about kratom everything they need to know to make the best shopping decisions. Your new favorite strain is just waiting for you to give it a try. 

Are you ready to try the most pure kratom strain on the market? Add our uplifting Indo Kratom Powder or Capsules to your cart today. With free, same-day shipping, your order will arrive at your door in no time. Now that you know what Indo kratom is, order kratom online now!