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Maeng Da Kratom Powder

Ready to take your kratom to the next level? Our Maeng Da Kratom Powder is our top seller for good reason. Order today, and discover the difference of all-natural, lab tested kratom.

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Check out a sample lab report and learn how to read the results.

Quality Assurance

Royal Kratom's premium kratom products are lab tested for both strength and purity. All of our kratom products are truly unmatched anywhere. We bring you the most naturally potent, freshest kratom at the best prices.

View lab results for your specific batch here.

Buy Maeng Da Kratom Powder 

Maeng Da is the original kratom super strain. It was carefully cultivated over generations as experienced kratom farmers grafted the best genetics together in pursuit of a one-of-a-kind strain that exemplifies kratom’s signature qualities. The result is a powerful kratom variety whose name appropriately translates to “pimp-grade.” 

Our Maeng Da Kratom Powder is manufactured according to strict GMP guidelines, and we only use 100% all-natural kratom. There are no additives, adulterants, synthetics, or other unwanted ingredients. 

Our Maeng Da Kratom Is Lab Tested 

We work with third-party testing labs to ensure the uncompromising quality of our kratom. Every batch of Maeng Da kratom is carefully tested for contaminants and heavy metals, and we only sell kratom that passes every test with flying colors. You can view the results of our lab tested kratom right on our website. 

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Is Maeng Da kratom powder appropriate for beginners?

The high levels of alkaloids in Maeng Da, we recommend it for experienced users. Many new buyers find our Green Kratom Powder to be a good starting point.

Why should I buy Maeng Da kratom from Royal Kratom?

Our Maeng Da kratom is 100% natural, consisting of pure Mitragyna speciosa leaf. In addition, we offer excellent prices coupled with free, same-day shipping.

Where did Maeng Da kratom originate?

Maeng Da is native to Thailand, though it contains genetics from popular strains originating across many regions of Southeast Asia.

Is Maeng Da the strongest kratom strain?

Maeng Da has a higher and more concentrated alkaloid profile than most other natural strains. However, you can also buy kratom extracts that contain higher alkaloid levels.