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Vietnam Kratom Powder

Experience the best Vietnam kratom for sale! This is one of our staple products, made from 100% Mitragyna speciosa leaf. Discover Vietnam’s native strain for yourself.

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Royal Kratom's premium kratom products are lab tested for both strength and purity. All of our kratom products are truly unmatched anywhere. We bring you the most naturally potent, freshest kratom at the best prices.

View lab results for your specific batch here.

Vietnam Kratom for Sale

Vietnam kratom is native to the mineral-rich soils along the Mekong River, where the climate provides the ideal conditions for growing and nurturing the Mitragyna speciosa tree. Vietnam kratom is a less common strain than others, but is beloved by experienced kratom users.


At Royal Kratom, our Vietnam kratom for sale is all-natural, responsibly manufactured, and lab tested. Get high-quality kratom at an affordable price, and enjoy free shipping and stellar customer service. 

All Kratom Is Lab Tested 

Quality assurance is key to our mission at Royal Kratom. When you purchase our Vietnam Kratom Powder, you can be certain that it was lab tested for quality and safety. You can even view the kratom lab results right on our website. We work with reputable third-party laboratories to test each batch of kratom for bacteria, mold, and other contaminants, and we only sell it if it passes our rigorous testing requirements. 

Shop for High-Quality Kratom Powder 

Looking for other kratom powders for sale? At Royal Kratom, we’ve got it all. Browse other regional varieties like Thai Kratom Powder and Bali Kratom Powder, or shop for color-specific kratom powders. We even have multi-strain blends if you’re looking for a more unique experience.


What’s the difference between Maeng Da and Vietnam kratom?

Maeng Da is known for being one of the strongest natural strains available. Vietnam kratom offers lower alkaloid levels, but our customers report a smoother experience.

Is Vietnam kratom grown in Vietnam?

No. Kratom is currently illegal in Vietnam, but Vietnam kratom grows well in places like Indonesia. All of our Vietnam kratom for sale is grown in Southeast Asia using authentic Vietnam kratom genetics.

Is Vietnam kratom legal in the U.S.?

Vietnam kratom powder is legal in most places in the U.S. as long as it’s not adulterated with non-kratom ingredients. Kratom is currently illegal in just six states (Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin) and in a few cities and counties. For more updates on kratom laws, check out our kratom blog!